Multicultural  LGBT Literary Foundation

preserve, promote, and teach works by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender artists of color.



Words of Wisdom is a program, which is at the heart of the Multicultural LGBT Literary Foundation. Through Words of Wisdom, the Foundation donates multicultural LGBT literary collections to high schools within the San Diego County region and throughout the greater California region. The collection, aimed specifically at LGBT youth, is composed of books expressly targeted to and written for this demographic. LGBT voices, particularly voices of color, are still largely absent from student’s lives and school curriculums. 

Through Words of Wisdom we hope to counter that absence and ensure that LGBT youth have access to the curative words and wisdom generated by LGBT authors and artists of color.  The Words of Wisdom collection spans every genre from coming of age stories to dystopian fiction, fantasy, and science fiction. The Foundation makes certain that each collection features authors from a diverse array of racial, gender, and religious identities to help ensure that youth see some of their unique experiences represented in their reading. 

The Foundation constantly adds new titles to the expanding collection. Each year, we donate at minimum, two Words of Wisdom collections, with the aim of donating four each year. To help ensure that we have the capacity to continue this life saving program, please consider making a monthly gift here. Help the Multicultural LGBT Literary Foundation ensure no LGBT youth are left without representation in their reading.