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Redemption by David Quintanilla

Redemption’s primary occupation is “How do gay men of color define themselves for themselves and resist or succumb to definitions that are imposed from the outside?” Through this lens, Redemption tells a story of how gay men of Middle Eastern, Latin, African, and Asian descent come to authentic self-definitions and how they must cope with considerable obstruction to arrive at a place of personal power. Redemption explores how gay men of color literally must redeem themselves from the oftentimes limiting and detrimental definitions that are given to gay men of color. Redemption examines both contemporary and historical constructions of identity for gay men of color and seeks to illuminate how race and sexuality can function as friend and foe in the lives of gay men of color as they struggle to thrive in America. The hope is that Redemption can aid in the struggle that so many gay men of color must wage to be seen in their remarkable entirety.

Mission & Vision

- Our mission is to promote and preserve works by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender authors and artists of color and their allies.

- Our vision is to nurture the arts, racial justice, and literacy within LGBT culture.