Multicultural  LGBT Literary Foundation

preserve, promote, and teach works by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender artists of color.



ReadNaked is the Multicultural LGBT Literary Foundation’s annual campaign that aims to boost young gay and bisexual men’s engagement with and knowledge of LGBT literary culture. ReadNaked accomplishes this by recreating scenes from both established and emerging gay authors using stunning male models and capturing each scene in a photo. Combined, the photos create a visual story for each novel selected which introduces that novel to a 21st century visually driven audience. 

Typically, we select one established author a year and recreate and photograph scenes from their entire body of work. We then select an emerging writer and recreate scenes from their work. When paired together this photography exhibition keeps tried and true LGBT texts alive while demonstrating the immense talent that is alive and well within our community. All models who participate are openly gay or bisexual and the campaign attempts to challenge our ideas of who a reader is, while at the same time trying to demonstrate how exciting and sexy literature can truly be. 

ReadNaked’s innovative approach is one of the precious few programs designed to specifically target young, gay and bisexual male adult literacy. ReadNaked consists of a traveling photography exhibition, a variety of print goods that reflect the campaign, a major social and print media campaign, and several launch parties that are held throughout the nation. Consider supporting ReadNaked by making a donation here.

Mission & Vision

- Our mission is to promote and preserve works by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender authors and artists of color and their allies.

- Our vision is to nurture the arts, racial justice, and literacy within LGBT culture.