Garage floor epoxy

Turning Your Garage Into The Ultimate Man Cave

The idea of the man cave is one men hold onto from our bachelor days.  A quiet place to make our own, drink beer, throw darts and hang out with the boys.  When we look at turning a room in a home into a man cave, many of us are shuffled towards the garage and, actually, a garage can be the perfect space.  For those looking to get started transforming a garage into the man’s room, the first place to start is the floor.  Here are some great ideas for creating the foundation for your cave.

Interlocking Tiles

When deciding on the look and feel of the man cave the first flooring option you may want to consider are interlocking tiles.  These tiles won’t do any permeant damage to your garage floor, are easy to install, can be mixed and matched with colors, patterns and more, giving you a wide range of flooring options.

Garage floor epoxy

Peel and Stick Tiles

Peel and stick tiles are the next step up from the interlocking tiles.  With the peel and stick tiles you can create the same effect with different tile sets and patterns but the tiles will adhere to the floor.  Be careful when using these as they can be temperamental when lining up and adjusting.

Paint or Carpet

The traditional paint and carpet options that we would use in our homes can also be used in the garage.  One of the drawbacks of using these however is keeping them clean.


When using Garage floor epoxy for your man cave you will have a wide range of options.  Since the epoxy is like a paint, you can have it tinted a wide variety of colors.  It is a slick material, so using colored chips to add some gripping surface as well as creating unique patterns makes this product very popular.

Personalize the Man Cave

When creating your man cave make sure that it will fit your style.  This is a space that you will be using on a regular basis.  Creating it to fill all of your needs will ensure that your cave is a castle.