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Taking Care Of The Trees And Plants We Love So Much

When it comes to our environment it is vitally important that we take the time to maintain it.  Failure to do so will result in overgrowth, fuel for forest fires as well as other natural disasters.  When we don’t take care of the lands animals will begin to suffer as well.  Over population, disease and much more.  This is why finding and hiring an arborist napa valley ca is such a critical part of maintaining our lands.

Forest Fires

When it comes to forest fires the main cause is lightning.  Many other factors such as human intervention and electrical fires light the match.  No matter how they start they can be prevented by doing some basic maintenance. 

One thing that can be done is to clean up after storms.  When we have major storms dead branches and limbs will fall to the ground setting the stage for fire fuel.  Notifying park rangers and other government agencies of possible trouble areas is also a good way to help prevent problems from happening.

Maintaining your yard

It is vital for the health of our trees for you to maintain your yard.  Have dead trees removed, healthy trees trimmed back and other general cleanup done.  When we maintain our yards it will encourage others to do the same.

arborist napa valley ca

Plant new trees

When old trees die or if we remove them it is important that we replace them with new trees.  This helps to maintain the environment as well as keep the environment in balance.  It is a good idea to plant smaller trees to replace the larger dead ones that we removed.  This is done to help maintain trees for a long period of time as well as allow the smaller trees time to root and stay in case of a major storm. 

There are many things that we can do to help keep our environment clean and healthy.  Discussing your options with an arborist can lead you down the right path.